Twin Block


The Twin Block appliance is carefully designed to correct the relationship of the upper and lower jaw. Your Twin Block will encourage you to posture your lower jaw forward into a new position. This appliance is most effective when worn according to the instructions given.

How often do I wear my Twin Block appliance?

  • This appliance is to be worn FULL TIME. The more it is worn, the more effective it is. You will remove this appliance when eating, brushing your teeth and while playing any full contact sports.

Elastics are worn with this appliance, as directed by Dr. Millar and Dr. Ponce.

What should I expect?

An adjustment period is to be expected with this appliance. It will typically take you 3 - 7 days to get used to wearing the Twin Block. Difficulty pronouncing certain words, extra production of saliva and tenderness in the teeth are some of the things that can be expected. Call us if you have any questions about your experience.

How do I clean my Twin Block appliances?

  • Clean your appliances with a toothbrush and cool water. Toothpaste is not necessary as it is slightly abrasive and may cause tiny scratches in the plastic.
  • We will provide you with a large denture toothbrush that you can use to clean the appliances.
  • If you find build up on the appliance, you can soak it in diluted vinegar for 20 minutes, followed by a good rinse and scrub! There are also cleaning products in a tablet form, that can be purchased from a drug store.

How do I properly care for my Twin Block?

  • Always keep your appliance in a case - if it's not in your face, put it in the case!
  • Do not wrap in a napkin, put it in your pocket (unless in a case), or leave in reach of a dog (they will eat them!). 

What else should I know?

  • Always bring your appliance with you to your appointments.
  • If you lose or break your appliance, call the office as soon as possible to prevent delays in treatment.

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