Nance (Upper Holding Arch)


A Nance, also known as an upper holding arch, will hold the permanent molars in place while baby teeth are falling out and adult teeth are growing in.

What is a Nance?

The appliance will be held in with two bands attached to the molar teeth. A small bar will run across the roof of the mouth meeting in the middle with a pink acrylic button. This appliance will sit passively and maintain spacing on the upper arch.

What can I expect?

There will be minimal discomfort with this appliance. Some tenderness may be experienced when the appliance is initially placed.

How do I care for the appliance?

  • You can brush and use floss threaders/ super floss, as directed by the team, with this appliance in place. Take extra care brushing around the bands and along the wire. Some food may get stuck underneath the pink button and mouthwash may be beneficial to cleanse this area.
  • Avoid any foods that are sticky or chewy. These foods can loosen the bands.
  • If the appliance comes loose, or you have any questions or concerns, please call us!

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