What is an RME?

A Rapid Maxillary Expansion, or RME, is an expander appliance. It is designed to broaden the upper jaw to create more space or correct bite problems. This appliance will require a series of simple activations (turns) to achieve the expansion required. Once the desired expansion is achieved, the expander will stay in place to stabilize the results.

How does the RME expander work?

  • The expansion device is turned at regular intervals by you at home - please follow instructions given to you by our doctors.
  • After expansion, the appliance becomes a passive retainer and will likely stay in the mouth for an additional 4-6 months to allow for the bone to remodel and to prevent relapse.

How do I turn the RME expander?

The expander, which is placed in the palate, needs to be turned by you at home using the key we provide. The frequency of this expansion will be advised by our doctors.

What should I expect?

  • When the appliance is initially placed teeth may be slightly tender. This usually subsides after a couple of days.
  • Speech may be affected slightly by this appliance as it does cover the roof of your mouth. The more that you are able to speak, the faster you will adapt. Reading out loud, singing in the car or talking a lot at home are a few things that will help your speech get back to normal quickly.
  • When the appliance is first placed you may produce extra saliva. As you get used to the appliance this will subside.
  • You may notice a space appear between your upper front teeth. This is to be expected and is not permanent.

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