Your removable nightguard is made specifically for you. This appliance is designed to protect the enamel edges of your teeth. It is important that your appliance is worn according to the instructions given.

How often do I wear my nightguard?

Your appliance is to be worn EVERY NIGHT while you sleep. You will remove your nightguard when eating and brushing your teeth. You may drink cold water with your nightguard in.

How do I clean my nightguard?

  • Clean your nightguard with cool water and your toothbrush every day.
  • If you notice any build up on your nightguard, soak it in diluted vinegar for 20 minutes before brushing thoroughly.
  • You may also choose to purchase cleaning tablets designed specifically for retainers or appliances.

How do I take care of my nightguard?

  • When your appliance is not in your mouth it should be in a case that we will provide to you. Do NOT wrap your appliance in a napkin, tissue or paper towel. It will be easily lost or thrown away.
  • Keep your appliance away from pets, dogs will chew the appliance.

What else should I know?

  • Bring your appliance to all appointments so we can ensure that it is fitting correctly.
  • If your retainer becomes loose or broken, please call us ASAP to have the retainer repaired. There may be an additional charge for lost or broken retainers.

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